Peri-implant Soft Tissue Management Through Immediate Tooth Replacement Therapy

Immediate tooth replacement therapy has become more popular in clinical practice since its introduction over 20 year ago. Consistent implant survival and esthetic outcomes can now be achieved with modern day implantology. However, following tooth extraction the peri-implant soft tissues are thin and require some form of augmentation. Therefore, various surgical and restorative techniques associated with immediate extraction socket implants to enhance these tissues will be compared and supported from clinical research. The value of custom healing abutments as well as their fabrication in combination with dual-zone grafting will be highlighted. Lastly, the outcomes of using macro implant designs such as platform switching will be elucidated in this presentation.

Learning Objectives

  • Is it important to make a custom healing abutment after postextraction socket implant placement?
  • How to fabricate a custom healing abutment to compensate for eccentric implant placement?
  • Does grafting help as well as where to graft and what type of material should be used?
  • Do platform switched implant designs enhance peri-implant soft tissue?