Day 1 – Thursday, 30 April

Dr. Christian Hammächer

Vom konventionellen Protokoll über die Sofortimplantation bis zur Sofortversorgung – Klinische Erfahrungen mit einem neuen progressiven Implantatdesign

Der Workshop zeigt individuelle chirurgische und implantat-prothetische Behandlungskonzepte in der Ästhetischen Zone, im teilbezahnten Kiefer sowie im zahnlosen Kiefer, dies auch inklusive digitaler Planungs- und Arbeitsprozesse. Zahlreiche Patientenfälle und Video-Sequenzen verdeutlichen die klinische Vorgehensweise. Praxisnahe Therapiestrategien aus den Bereichen Hart- und Weichgewebemanagement sowie Implantatprothetik werden, auch am Beispiel komplexer Behandlungssituationen, kritisch diskutiert. Besonderes Augenmerk gilt hierbei der patientenbezogenen Entscheidungsfindung und Risikoanalyse.

Die Erweiterung des therapeutischen Behandlungsspektrums durch ein neuartiges Implantatdesign wird hierbei verdeutlicht. Es besteht im Rahmen des Kurses außerdem die Möglichkeit, haptische Eindrücke beim manuellen Eindrehen von Implantaten mit progressivem Gewindedesign in „Saw-Bone-Blöcke“ zu gewinnen.


  • Chirurgische und implantatprothetische Konzepte in der Ästhetischen Zone, im teilbezahnten Kiefer sowie im zahnlosen Kiefer
  • Individuelle Entscheidungsfindung und Risikoeinschätzung, insbesondere bei Sofortimplantation und Sofortversorgung
  • Klinische Vorteile eines progressiven Implantatdesigns
  • Indikation und Vorteile digitaler Planungs- und Arbeitsprozesse
Time 8:00am-12:00pm Tuition $195
Language German Credits 4 CE Credits
Hands-on possibility during coffee break Limited to 50 attendees

Dr. Frank Schwarz

Soft Tissue Augmentation and Corrections for the Prevention and Management of Peri-implant Disease

Soft-tissue augmentation is essential for both the prevention and management of peri-implant disease. The establishment of an adequate width of keratinized tissue and soft tissue volume to compensate for possible mucosal recessions following surgical treatment of peri-implantitis is fundamental. The focus of this workshop is extensive hands-on. Topics will include flap designs for soft tissue augmentation, the use of pouch techniques for augmentation of keratinized tissue, harvesting and handling of connective tissue and free gingival grafts, and clinical application and management of scaffolds for soft tissue grafting and mucosal recessions.

Time 8:00am-12:00pm Tuition $295
Language English Credits 4 CE Credits
Hands-on Limited to 25 attendees

Dr. Curry Leavitt

Digital Workflow for a Referral Based Practice

Today’s technology enables clinicians to provide less invasive procedures with less chair time and faster recovery. This lecture will focus on ways in which digital workflow can enhance communication between the specialist, restorative doctor and lab, thereby improving safety, accuracy, and efficiency. The presentation will demonstrate how digital impressions, guided surgery, and immediate temporization techniques enable final prosthesis predictability by connecting all parties through a digital workflow.

Time 8:00am-12:00pm Tuition $195
Language English Credits 4 CE Credits
Lecture Only Limited to 50 attendees

Dr. Bart Silverman

L-PRF: Techniques & Applications for Dental Implant Cases

This course is designed for specialists and general practitioners who are interested in enhancing their bone grafting technique. Leukocyte- and Platelet-Rich Fibrin (L-PRF) is derived from a small sample of the patient’s blood, taken at the point of care and processed to develop a fibrin clot. The fibrin clot is prepared into a membrane that is rich in platelets, growth factors and cytokines necessary to produce rapid healing and efficient regeneration. You will learn the science behind L-PRF and how to incorporate it in your clinical practice. The hands-on training will teach you how to create the L-PRF membrane/plugs.

Time 8:00am-12:00pm Tuition $295
Language English Credits 4 CE Credits
Demonstration Limited to 30 attendees

FIT – Female Implantology Team

FIT presents a roundtable event for networking with leading female clinicians from around the globe.

Time 10.30am-12.00pm Tuition for free
Language English Credits n/a
Please RSVP by April 17 at

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