Day 1 – Thursday, 30 April

Afternoon Scientific Program

Extraction Site Management in the Esthetic Zone
Moderator: Dr. Myron Nevins

Time Title Speaker
1:00 pm Welcome & Introduction Dr. Robert Sader
Dr. Edward P. Allen
1:15pm One Surgery One Time: Immediate Placement of Implants in the Esthetic Zone Dr. Dennis Tarnow
2:00pm Immediate Implant Placement With or Without Immediate Provisionalization Dr. Hom-Lay Wang
2:45pm Discussion
3:30pm Peri-implant Soft Tissue Management Through Immediate Tooth Replacement Therapy Dr. Stephen Chu
4:15pm The One Crown One Time Concept Dr. Irena Sailer
MDT Vincent Fehmer
5:00pm Discussion
5:15 –6:15pm Welcome Reception

Day 2 – Friday, 1 May

Morning Scientific Program

State-of-the-Art in Tissue Regeneration
Moderator:  Dr. Gerhard Iglhaut

Time Title Speaker
8:00am Clinical benefits with L-PRF in Tissue Regeneration Dr. Nelson Pinto
Dr. Marc Quirynen
8:45am Re-treatment of Compromised Sites in the Esthetic Zone Dr. Bach Le
9:30am Discussion
10:15am Conserving and Developing Soft Tissue Form Around Implants Dr. Marius Steigmann
11:00am Soft Tissue Grafting with Allografts and Xenografts Dr. Edward P. Allen
11:45am Discussion
12:00pm Lunch

Afternoon Scientific Program

Long-term Sustainability in Implant Dentistry
Moderator:   Dr. Tara Aghaloo

Time Title Speaker
1:00pm Successful Treatment with Tissue Level Implants: Soft Tissue Thickness, Implant Position and Laser Microtexturing Dr. Tomas Linkevičius
1:45pm Biomechanics of Implants – Clinical Impact on Longevity Dr. Katja Nelson
2:30pm Discussion
12:00pm Lunch

Day 3 – Saturday, 2 May

Morning Scientific Program

Putting Innovations into Focus: Advances in Implant Dentistry
Moderator:  Dr. Carlo Ercoli

Time Title Speaker
8:00am Zirconia Implants – What Are My Benefits for Clinical Practice? Dr. Ronald Jung
8:45 am Harnessing Therapeutic Response of Implant and Abutment Surface Modification with Laser Micro-Machining Dr. Lyndon Cooper
9:30am Discussion
10:15am Implant Design Hierarchy for Osseointegration Augmentation Dr. Paulo Coelho
11:00am The Lifetime Implant Dr. Craig Misch
11:45am Discussion
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm Foundation Research Prize and Poster Award Ceremonies Dr. Fernando Guerra

Afternoon Scientific Program

Solutions for Challenging Situations
Case presentations and expert discussions

Moderator:  Dr. Mariano Sanz & Dr. Thomas Taylor
Expert Panel:  Dr. Luca Cordaro, Dr. Edgard El Chaar, Dr. Ye Lin, Dr. Michael Stimmelmayr

Time Title Speaker
1:20pm Case 1 Dr. Martijn Moolenaar
2:00pm Case 2 Dr. Ramón Gómez Meda
2:40pm Case 3 Dr. Michael Block
3:20pm Case 4 Dr. Justin Moody
4:00pm Closing Remarks
4:15pm Adjourn
7:00-11:00 pm DISCO NIGHT – Dinner and Cocktails – main ballroom

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