Day 3 – Saturday, 2 May

Dr. Stefan Fickl

Implantate beim schweren Paro-Patienten – Was dürfen wir?

Implantate beim schweren Paro-Patienten – Was dürfen wir?

Dentale Implantate haben sich zu einem Routineverfahren in der Zahnmedizin entwickelt. Allerdings zeigen sich gerade bei Patienten mit einer parodontalen Vorgeschichte mittlerweile Probleme hinsichtlich peri-implantären Entzündungen auf. Diese Entzündungen um Implantate sind schwer zu behandeln und sehr häufig progredient. Daher ist ein klinisches Konzept zur Versorgung dieser Patienten wichtig.Ziel dieses interaktiven Workshops ist es, ein klinisches Konzept zur Behandlung dieser Patienten aufzuzeigen und auch darzustellen, wie und mit welchen Mitteln peri-implantäre Erkrankungen behandelt werden können.

  • Einschätzung des Risikos bei PA-Patienten
  • Behandlung von PA-Patienten mit Implantaten
  • Einflussnahme auf die prothetische Versorgung
  • Empfehlungen zu individuellen Recall-Maßnahmen
  • Behandlung von peri-implantären Defekten
Time 8:00am-12:00pm Tuition $195
Language German Credits 4 CE Credits
Lecture Only Limited to 50 attendees

Dr. Andrew Ferrier and Dr. Arshiya Sharafi

TeethXpress: Clinical Techniques and Business Approach for Full Arch Immediate Treatment

Demographics and an aging population have created an explosive demand for full arch, immediate load treatment solutions, and today’s dental implant practices cannot afford to ignore this trend. This session will focus on the integration of surgical, restorative, and laboratory disciplines as well as business solutions for incorporating immediate full arch treatment into your practice. Clinical considerations such as ridge reduction, vertical dimensions, anterior/posterior spread, and torque values will be discussed.  Business strategies will also be addressed, including case identification, case acceptance, and fee presentation.

Time 8:00am-2:00pm Tuition $145
Language English Credits 5 CE Credits
Lecture Only Limited to 50 attendees, US and Canadian only (protocol not available in other countries)

Dr. Dean C. Vafiadis

Realities of Digital Workflow for Implant Restorations

This lecture and hands-on workshop will feature insightful tips for the clinician who wishes to incorporate and optimize the use of intra-oral scanners and restorative planning software into clinical practice. Dr. Vafiadis will demonstrate an integrated hardware and software solution for simple, straightforward restorative implant dentistry. Planning, esthetics, and occlusion are among the many aspects that will be reviewed.

Time 8:00am-12:00pm Tuition $195
Language English Credits 4 CE Credits
Hands-on Limited to 30 attendees

Dr. Guido Sarnachiaro

Immediate Implant Placement in the Esthetic Zone: Optimizing Soft Tissue Outcomes

Immediate implant placement and temporization in extraction sockets provides the advantages of fewer surgical procedures and reduced treatment time. While immediate placement and restoration in the esthetic zone presents unique challenges, improvements in implant design and provisional restoration techniques can provide the benefits of immediate treatment with success rates comparable to delayed protocols. This course will address specific challenges of immediate placement/restoration, including fabrication of a screw retained provisional for soft tissue preservation and criteria for various types of extraction sockets. The hands-on exercise will include guided immediate implant placement, fabrication of the immediate provisional, and preservation of the surrounding soft tissue.

Time 8:00am-3:00pm Tuition $495
Language English Credits 6 CE Credits
Hands-on Limited to 30 attendees

Dr. Edward P. Allen

Successful Soft Tissue Grafting with Allografts and Xenografts

This course presents detailed techniques for successful soft tissue grafting with acellular dermal matrix using the Tunnel Technique. The lecture will include indications and application to both teeth and implant sites for successfully treating gingival recession with a minimally invasive method. The attendees will perform the surgical technique on life-like models that accurately simulate gingival recession defects seen in patients daily.

Time 8:30am-4:30pm Tuition $1,795
Language English Auxiliary $295
Hands-on Limited to 35 attendees Credits 7 CE Credits

Dr. Marc Quirynen

Mastering L-PRF in Your Clinical Practice

How to master the use of L-PRF in clinical practice.

The aim of this workshop is to provide via the use of videos and animations (no hands-on) practical tips for the use of L-PRF to aid regeneration of soft and hard tissues.


  • To highlight how best to prepare L-PRF
  • To demonstrate optimal uses of L-PRF in clinical practice
  • To explain how to ensure the best outcome with L-PRF

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this workshop delegates will understand:

  • The uses of L-PRF in tissue grafting
  • How best to prepare L-PRF autologous matrices
  • Techniques and innovations in L-PRF
Time 8:00am-12:00pm Tuition $195
Language English Credits 4 CE Credits
Lecture only Limited to 50 attendees

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