Immediate Implant Placement With or Without Immediate Provisionalization

Immediate implant placement has recently become a predictable clinical procedure. Decision trees for managing different socket classifications will be presented to guide clinicians on how to best select different techniques (immediate implant placement with or without immediate provisionalization, GBR during implant placement or socket augmentation using various techniques – collagen wound dressing or dPTFE membrane…etc) to ensure optimal and predictable outcomes. Scientific evidence and clinical examples related to these clinical suggestions will be demonstrated.

Furthermore, the pros and cons of immediate implant placement together with GBR as well as immediate provisionalization will be explored.

Learning objectives

  • Know the pros and cons of immediate implant placement and immediate implant provisionalization
  • Learn how to use decision trees to select the most appropriate approach in managing the extraction socket
  • Be familiar with different techniques for predictable socket and bone augmentation